Monday, July 30, 2012

NYC - Chelsea vs PSG

The main reason Troy and I headed up to New York City last weekend was to see our favorite English Premier team, Chelsea play in Yankee stadium.  As soon as we found out they were playing in New York, it was a definite.

So on Sunday after some fun sight seeing (post to come) we headed on the Metro for the first time and headed to Yankee Stadium...
1st Time on the Metro

Amy & Miguel's first time on the Metro

Aren't we cute with our matching glasses! ; )
 I may have been a bit giddy to see my favorite soccer players.  I mean, seriously...I was like a kid on Christmas morning...Frankie was going to be there playing, and my new favorite player, Eden was there as well.  (Seriously, Eden is like the 2012 version of Frankie...he's got wicked foot skills and is super fast).

Amy & I rocking our jerseys!

T & I showing our support in Times Square.

So here are some of the 5,000 pictures I took during 1.5 hr game!  I was a little upset when we got to our seats because we were right behind home plate, and they still had the net up which I knew would mess with the quality of my pictures.  Luckily we were near the edge so I could just shoot off to the side a bit.

I was amazed at how nice Yankee Stadium was...

And now, crazy fan photos...

FA Cup & Champion's League Cup

Barton, Wynalda, Stone

Cech - posing for me! ; )

T & I (Yes, I was trying to hurry up, I didn't want to miss anything!)

Amy & Miguel

Hilario (Goalie)

Warm Ups

Kakuta & Eden Hazard

Frank Lampard

Starting Line Up

Kick Off

Frankie Shooting

Eden Hazard

Eden shooting

Frankie & De Bruyne


De Bruyne & Eden

Frankie shooting again!

Terry heading the ball away

These were my favorites of my 5,000 soccer pictures!  I had so much fun watching the "original" and new and upcoming Chelsea players.  Chelsea has a lot of new/young players and they look really really's to hoping for more cups in the future!

Some of the future of Chelsea - Hazard and De Bruyne
The game ended in a 1-1 tie, but I'm pretty sure if we had an extra 5 minutes we would have gotten a goal.  Chelsea dominated the last quarter of the game!

I wish Torres had come so Troy could see him play...but I guess we will just have to find a way to make another game!  Also, had we planned better, we could have extended the trip by 2 days and stopped in Philly for the Chelsea vs. MLS All Stars game on the way back home.

My biggest surprise/shock, was how many Chelsea fans were in NY.  That whole day we saw Chelsea jersey's and shirts EVERYWHERE during our sightseeing....and the stadium...yep, it was full of about 30,000 Chelsea fans...I was impressed!

We did see two PSG players later that night while walking through Times Square, but I didn't stop had it been a Chelsea player....that would have been a completely different story! (Yes, I did have a Sharpie on me at all never know!)

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