Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas 2012 Continued

Back to our crazy...but fun Christmas day....

After we did Santa and gifts from us at our house, we headed over to Troy's parents' house to do Christmas with them.

Owen was so excited to give MeeMaw and PawPaw the presents he had picked out for each of them.  He got MeeMaw some cookie cutters, and of course she loved them!

Then it was PawPaw's turn, and this was the gift that O was the most excited about....he just knew that PawPaw would love the frame that he got him with a picture of a boy and a man together...

Yes, that is correct, the frame says "Daddy".  We thought about putting a piece of paper beside it that said "Grand", but O was so happy/excited, we decided to leave it!  Each year I can't wait to see what O has bought for everyone, it's soo cute!!

Owen also got his Uncle Todd an Angry Bird hat....which little did he know that he would get a matching one.  He couldn't wait to take this picture with their matching hats!

This year for O (5 years old) was so much fun, he was generally excited for everyone.  He handed out the gifts and wanted to see just what everyone got.  I love this little picture of him!

I promise Brynnleigh was with us....she just wasn't into the whole present thing.  She just didn't like unwrapping, she wanted the gifts just handed to her.  We did try to have some fun while unwrapping!

We left MeeMaw & PawPaw's and headed over to Missy & Papa's house to do a quick Christmas with them before the family headed over.

O was so excited to get his new Hess vehicle for the year!

Brynnleigh needed a little help, but she quickly started realizing why she should unwrap her presents....Missy helped her get started.

They both got a total of 3 stockings, one at each of the houses....they truly are spoiled kids!

B got a Doc McStuffins doctor kit from Santa, and a note pad from Missy & Papa...she was diagnosing everyone and making sure to document everything!

Then my extended family came over and we ate, laughed and opened more presents!!  Afterwards, we headed back to Troy's parents house to do dinner with his extended family.  Unfortunately most of them had gotten sick, so we just exchanged presents with the kids and ate dinner.  I do have pictures, but it involves other kids, and I don't want to post without their permission!

We had a fabulous Christmas and I loved every second spent with family!

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