Monday, January 7, 2013

Santa Came!! Christmas 2012

Christmas is by far one of my favorite holidays....not because of the presents, but because it's a whole day spent with my family! We are so lucky that we can see both of our families on the same day, and we don't have to juggle our time.  We also, don't have to open any presents before or after Christmas - it's just a perfect perfect day!

Here is our schedule on Christmas morning:

  • 7 am - Wake kids up and go see what Santa brought & open gifts from Mom & Dad
  • 9 am - Head to Troy's parents house to do Christmas with them
  • 11 am - Head to my parents house to do Christmas with them
  • 1 pm - My extended family starts to arrive at my parents to do Christmas with each other
  • 5 pm - Head to Troy's extended family (location changes each year) to do Christmas with them
  • 8-9 pm - Home to get kids in bed and do Christmas for Troy & I alone
Every single second is spent with family and I would do it every day if I could!

And now....a few pictures from our fun day...

Santa went a bit overboard, as always!

Granny, Brynnleigh, & Owen patiently waiting

O was so excited for his Mega Loop Mayhem

B & Her Doc McStuffins Dr. Kit

So excited - he is OBSESSED with Mario Kart!

Owen realized after about 5 minutes that Santa had brought his 3DS (or GPS as he kept calling it) - he was a bit excited!!  Oh, and don't worry - Mario Kart was preloaded!
Who needs a check up?
Owen asks Granny to spend the night every Christmas Eve, and I'm not sure who enjoys it more...

O also got his scooter w/out training wheels that he asked for.  (He had a 3-wheel scooter & when we took the training wheels off his bike, he said he needed them off his scooter too!)

Daddy had to test it out!

Brynnleigh got a baby set, which included a high chair, stroller, and pack and play...she may have gotten a bit confused...

Then we needed to open the gifts to the kids from Mom & Dad....and we may have gone a bit too overboard (word of the holiday right?) - at least 98% of these were clothes...

Owen got excited over everything...even underwear...he was soo much fun this year!

Brynnleigh was more into playing with her Santa "pwesents" than opening her gifts from us, so we just left them and she opened them later that night.

We then got dressed and ready to head to MeeMaw & PawPaw's.

More pictures to come from MeeMaw/PawPaw's house and Missy/Papa's house!!

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