Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Detox - the day before the "big" day

I'm pretty sure I'm crazy for doing this, but I am a bit excited as well.  My friend Amy set up a 3 day detox diet for anyone who was interested, and well, I totally jumped on board.  Amy is a coach for Beach Body.  She will help you achieve your fitness and nutritician goals....and basically for free. (www.turboromero.com)

Here's the deal, for 3 days I eat a very limited diet - a cup of green tea each morning, followed by a Shakeology shake (mixed w/water & ice) and 1/2 a piece of fruit.  A whole piece of fruit for snack, and another shake for lunch.  Dinner is a shake and LARGE salad w/lettuce, veggies (3+) and lean protein w/light salad dressing.

I do have a history of passing out when I get hot, and have not eaten within the last few hours (minutes/seconds) so I will be prepared, should I need to make my own "detox" plan.  I'm going to take extra fruit & lean protein with me to work just in case.

My cousin is also doing this detox with me, so hopefully we can both stay on plan...I mean it is only 3 days.

My plan for tomorrow....get up, drink water, & get to work.  While at work, drink my tea, shake & fruit (strawberries) between 8-10 am.  Try and make it to lunch w/out a snack and drink my shake as close to noon or later as possible.  Have my snack (green apple) around 2-3 pm (this is always my hungry time) and then make it home.  Fix my salad w/skinless chicken, hearts of romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato, broccoli, carrots, and green beans w/light balsamic vinaigrette dressing w/my shake...and hold out until bedtime!  I will have an extra banana, nectarine, and some extra chicken w/me just in case.

Why am I doing this? - Because my weight is at a plateau and I need to get past it.  I go between 139-144 lbs depending on the day & what I've eaten/drank.  I honestly believe w/this detox, I can get into the upper 130's and hopefully maintain that.  I would LOVE to be 125-130 lbs at my final weight, but I will be happy with 135.  I think if I can do this detox, it will help me curb my pepsi addiction, which is part of the reason for my ping pong weight.  I also want to do this to help my friend Amy promote her business.

So, the night before this is to start...how do I feel?  - I'm nervous (can my body actually handle this?  Can I mentally handle this?) but I'm also excited.  I mean if I can do this and still function as an employee, wife, and mother, than I think I can do pretty much anything.

So, the next 3-4 days, I'm taking over my blog and minus a few planned posts, it's just going to be updates on my detox plan.  Trust me, I'll be honest (right down to my weight....yes, I'm going to put my weight on the internet for the whole world to read) and I promise...posts w/kid pictures very very soon!!

This will be my honest opinion, my friend Amy did not ask that I blog/review this plan, nor did the makers of Shakeology.  I am not being reimbursed for my opinion or for the products being used!!

Keep your fingers crossed that I stay married during this whole process!

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thqueenbe said...

I'm glad you decided to try it...keep us posted! :) Thanks for the shout out too, by the way, and for anyone reading, I can totally help w/ diet/fitness for free - click 'join' on my website and choose the free option :) www.turboromero.com in case you forgot.