Friday, July 22, 2011

Owen's 2nd T-ball Season

Owen was soo excited to play t-ball again.  We did it through the YMCA and it was a great experience (as always).  We requested a friend for our coach, and pretty much all of Owen's old soccer team (2 seasons ago) requested the same team, so we already knew all the kids and parents.

By the end of the season, they did more coach pitch than hitting off the tee.  Each child got 3 pitches, and if they didn't hit, then they would hit off the tee.  O pretty much hit it most of the little slugger!!

Owen is very good at baseball.  He can hit the ball when you throw it to him and does a great job of throwing (when he's paying attention) and does a decent job of catching.  Honestly, he's a better baseball player than soccer player.

I'm fine with whatever he chooses to do, I just hope he does some type of I can come watch!

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