Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Trip to Granny's

It is always nice to go down to South Boston to see Troy's grandmother, Granny.  The pace of life is so slow and there is nothing to do but relax!! 

Me & Brynnleigh

We always take Owen to the Dairy Dell for a pink hot dog and ice cream and I normally slip off to Belk or Walmart for a bit. 

O & his pink hot dog

O can play all day long outside and both kids get lots of extra attention from Granny.  I mean who else lets you have ice cream at 9:30 am?

Granny & Brynnleigh

We sit out on the carport all day long, there's always a nice breeze and tons to talk about!!  If not, you can watch the cars rush buy, or the cows across the street.  I would go there every weekend if I could!!

Yes, I enjoy the Dairy Dell too!

Soooo happy to be at Granny's

So happy to be at Granny's too!

Hanging out under the carport

Watching the planes go by

Practicing her Miss America wave

Riding his bike next door

Brynnleigh & Daddy

Trying to do his tough man look!

Watch out ladies!

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