Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brynnleigh's Birthday Bash

Okay...I've made ya'll wait long enough for this post.  We celebrated Brynnleigh's first birthday a few weeks was rainy in the morning (which freaked Mama out a bit) but by the time it was party time, it was a beautiful fall afternoon.  I did not get a lot of decoration pics, so I apologize....I was a bit busy running around with my head cut off.

We didn't do a "theme" more of a color scheme.  Everything was Hot pink, lime green, and purple.  We had TONS of food, Mickey shaped chicken nuggets, ham biscuits, pigs in a blanket, fruit & veggie trays, chips & dip, pretzels, tex mex dip, addictive corn dip, m&m's, hershey kisses, & cupcakes. We had green sherbert punch, pink lemonaide, tea, soda, and water.  Brynnleigh had her own #1 smash cake, and everyone else had cupcakes & extra cupcakes ( we had 66 total!)

Her invitations, were AWESOME.  My friend made this for me, and they were perfect.  Many of you probably already follow Jenni's blog but did you know she had an etsy site?  All I had to do was tell her my theme, colors, and send the pictures and it was done!

Decorations were pretty simple - I had some pink & green flower thingys, crepe paper, and balloons.  I also did a photo timeline above the Family room entrance from newborn to 11 months.

This was after the party...and destruction!

I'm upset that I didn't get a picture of the food table...but it was a TON of food and really cute & festive.  We had pink, green, & purple serving trays & bowls as well as white, so it all coordinated.  Luckily, Julie got a picture of the "cake table"

See how cute my cupcakes are with the matching cupcake liners?  You can order those through The Bakers Confections and they have pretty much every design/color you could want.  I also ordered coordinating straws which were a big hit. 

I was a little skeptical about ordering a paper straw...but they were perfect...I even left one in a drink over night and it was still strong!!  I will definately order both of these again.  They have tons of other things and you can't beat their prices, you should definately check them out!

We got a bounce house, since most of the younger guests were older than was well worth the least for us...Owen was in it from 10:30 am until 7pm and only came out to eat and open Brynnleigh's presents!

Now...onto the important things...the birthday girl.  You can't have a 1st birthday without a special birthday outfit now can you?  I ordered Brynnleigh's outfit from ChristiCreations and it was perfect...exactly what I wanted.  She has TONS of cute was hard to pick, and she does custom outfits as well.  I will definately order again.  Everyone LOVED B's outfit...I did have to add some leggings...I wasn't expecting the tutu to be so short (total misconception on my part...had I looked at the pictures, I would have known) but it was cold anyways, so she needed pants.  I actually liked the look of her leggings and I think it helped "Make" the outfit.  I didn't get a GOOD pic of both the outfit & B, but here are some!  She's worn the total outfit three times now, her party, church the next day, and on her actual birthday!!

So...onto cake...I made B's smash cake, using the same cake pan I used for O's smash cake.  Problem with this cake pan...the one...looks a little lot like something else, so I had to decorate carefully.

Brynnleigh could have cared less that there was a cake sitting in front of her.  By this time, she was tired, and well, she wasn't big on eating food, so no crazy cake shots.  O wanted some cake, not that is why there is a chunk missing...since she wasn't eating it, I didn't see why he couldn't!

It's my party & I'll cry if I want to!

Brynnleigh got lots of great gifts from everyone.  She wasn't really in to opening, but luckily, we had lots of little hands willing to help.  Her big bro Owen also saw this as his Big Brother responsibility to open her gifts!

We made goodie bags for all of our younger guests....O helped.  It's kinda tough to make Girl goodie bags when 90 % of the kids are boys!!  We had tons of stuff...they were filled with goldfish crackers, bubbles, silly straws, candy necklaces, crayons, suckers, hershey kisses, skittles, starburst, kazoos, stickers, cupcake erasers, mini noise makers, & glow bracelets.  Everything was bagged, sealed with a "Thank you" tag, and placed by the door!

Brynnleigh wanted to thank everyone for helping to celebrate her 1st birthday and making it so special.  She is also thankful for all the wonderful gifts she received and cannot wait to play with and wear everything!!

Family Photo in the bounce house!!

Family Bounce Time!
This is when you know a party is good!!

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awww she's tuckered out! It was a great 1st birthday party!