Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy First Birthday Brynnleigh!!!

I'm still in shock that my baby is 1...this past year has gone by sooo sooo fast!  Brynnleigh you are a true gift and joy to be around.  You are happy 99% of the time and well that other 1%...lets just say you are the exact opposite of happy!!  You had a fantastic birthday party that you shared with family and friends (post to come soon - promise).  You were so excited about your birthday today, that you didn't sleep a wink last night & spent the majority of the night with Mommy & Daddy!  Right now you have a cold, that we hope is starting to go away.

We'll get all your stats tomorrow at your doctors appointment.  I'm thinking that you will be around 19-20 lbs...I'm thinking 19 lbs 12 oz.

You have made the switch to whole milk without a problem (we did this on Saturday) but giving up the bottles is a whole nother story.  (Is it bad when she's screaming for the bottle so much that Owen starts yelling "just give her a bottle....just give her a bottle" ??)

Right now you are still in size 3 diapers, and can wear 6-9 months and 12 months clothing.  The 6-9 is starting to get too short, and some items are a little snug.

You are very close to walking and have taken a few steps on your own already.

Your nicknames are Brynnleigh, Baby Gurl, Baby Sister, Sister, B, Brynn, Brynn Brynn, and of course still Boomshakalaka.

You still adore your brother and are infactuated with your Daddy!

We love you soo soo much and can't wait to see what the next year brings!!

Happy 1st Birthday Brynnleigh!

Love Mommy, Daddy, & Owen

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