Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Troy

Really....he's that old?
Today is my hubby's 31st birthday...and thought he should get a post just about him!!  : )  Troy & I met back in college and well, I thought he was stalking me, 9 years later, we are still together. 

I know you joke all the time that you are my best friend more than my husband....but you really are my best friend, and I love that about you.  I can tell you anything and everything, and well, you might tease me about it later, but you know exactly what to do at that time to make me feel better.

You are the best husband and father!!  Our kids adore you and love spending time with you.  You do a ton with us as a family and truly understand the meaning of family time.  You will be just as happy playing dress up with Brynnleigh as playing soccer with Owen. 

You may ponder life differantly than me, but we always figure out a way to make everything work!
90% of the time you are still a kid at heart and I love that about you!!

We hope you have the bestestest birthday ever!!!

Amy, Owen, & Brynnleigh

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Amy Romero said...

Aw, you guys are supersweet :) <3 you both! (and love that you got the pic of him and my hubby clowning w/ O in the bounce house! :)