Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brynnleigh's Stats

So...mother's intuition...not bad right??  Here are B's stats from her Drs appt yesterday!

Weight - 19 lbs 11 oz (I did think about adding a little weight so my guess of 19 lbs 12 oz would have been spot on....but decided against it!)

Height - 29.5"

Head - Bad Mommy can't remember...but big!

Her percentages were 30% in weight, 55% in height, and +97% in head circumference!  So I have a small averaged height big headed toddler! ; )

All went well - she got 2 shots and her TB test...we go back next month for her 2nd flu shot & O's flu shot (this will be tons of fun I'm sure)

Stay tuned - Butt Paste Review & Giveaway coming soon!!

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