Friday, December 16, 2011

Ask away!! I am officially brainless today.  I've been working on our Christmas list post and I promise to have it up on Monday.  I may break it into two posts - 1 w/the kids and 1 w/the adults and misc. items.

So, while we wait, you can check out Jenni from the Blog's holiday gift guide.  Don't get your hopes up...mine will not look as pretty!! ; )

Also, I've noticed that I have a few new I'm opening up...ask me anything you want and I'll post an "answers" post next week.

Here are the rules (very simple, promise)
1. You can ask anything you want by leaving a comment on this post, or emailing me at
2. I can choose not to answer if it's too personal/offensive.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!  We hope to finish our shopping and wrap as much as possible so we can relax next week.

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