Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Happy Birthday Missy!

Who's Missy?  Well that would be my Mom, whom Owen and all his friends have named Missy.  Originally Owen was calling her Grammie...well when he started school, his teachers were Ms. Mary and Ms. Pat.  I think he went to call Grammie Ms. Grammie, and it just came out "Missy" and well, it stuck!

Mom at 1 year
 Today is her birthday and she's taking over Wordless and making it Wordfull!

My brother, Mom, & I
 Mom, thanks for being the best Mom and Missy!!  You have taught me a lot of things about life, and myself and are always the first one I go to for help/advise, and answers.  I really appreciate you watching my babies every day and taking them to playdates, weekday birthday parties and everything else.
Thank you for always being there for me, my friends, my husband & his family, our kids, and their friends.  I think it's cute that my friends call you Mama U., and my kid's friends call you Missy.

Somehow, you managed to make it to all of my sports events, even college, even when I NEVER played.  I'm still amazed that you and Dad drove all the way down to Atlanta to watch me sit the bench!

Thank you for showing me that relationships can last.  You and Dad have been married exactly 30 years and 2 days longer than Troy and I!

We can't wait for your birthday party tonight....O has been talking about it for days!!

We hope you have the Best Birthday Ever!!

Brynnleigh, Owen, Amy, & Troy
aka The BOAT

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NC Sue said...

Good morning!
I’ve included your site on a page I’ve put together devoted to hops, challenges, and memes for every day of the week! The link to that page is under my header. http://acts17verse28.blogspot.com/

Susan said...

Awww...how sweet!! Happy Birthday.

Merry Christmas♥

Erika Price said...

Lovely photos - Happy Birthday Grammie/Missy!

kewkew said...

What a great post. Happy Birthday to your mom. Love the story of her name and all the pictures.

The BOAT said...

Thanks guys...I'll forward the Birthday wishes!

Sarah said...

Love your flash backs.

The BOAT said...

Thanks. I'm thinking about starting a Flashback Friday post...it's probably already out there...just need to do some research.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

How sweet! Happy birthday!