Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas List

Here is our wish list for the kids...Owen's was 100% created by O, and then reduced and tweeked by us. Brynnleigh's was completed created by us, with some help from O!

Owen's Wish List:

"Hot Wheels Track w/a Loop de Loop"

And well, because Troy and I are kids at heart...we added these to O's list

Owen's "Future Car"  He LOVES this movie!

Brynnleigh's Wish List:

I know I am forgetting some things...but we do have them!!  We LOVE Christmas, and Toys R buying for our soo soo much fun!!

The kids bought each other gifts too....they are AWESOME!

O's gift to B: (It sings Rihanna's "Only Girl)

B's Gift to O: (We helped a bit with this one)
Don't forget to go HERE and ask me any questions you may have!!  I've already gotten some good to come this week!

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