Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Goals 1/22-1/28

Okay...lets see how I did last week...

Last Weeks Goals:
* Keep the kitchen island cleaned off (this has to be done nightly, it collects EVERYTHING) There may have been one (or two) nights this didn't happen, but overall it was clean!

* Complete at least 1 workout and 1 run - So...I totally kept this easy so I would get it done...and well, I didn't.  I did get my run in, I walked a mile, to run a mile, to walk a mile home, in the COLD & RAIN!  I did have every intention to do my workout on Monday, but Troy wanted to watch the Bachelor (just to see Shawntel) and well, I wanted to watch it with him.  Tuesday & Wednesday Troy was sick, Thursday we ate dinner at his parents, and Friday we watched a movie.  So Mr. Anonymous who asked when I would hang out with my husband, that's when! ; )  (FYI, Anonymous was Troy)

*Order Christmas Thank you notes - I didn't do this, but am marking it off my list.  Troy doesn't know why I do these, and it's already a month later, so to all who got us gifts - Thank you!

*Pick out Owen's birthday invitations - Woohoo, done, ordered, and I should have them by Wednesday!

*Post to blog - Disney Trip & Wordless Wednesday - Done, hope you enjoyed!

*Clean out & organize craft room closet (this could easily take all week) - Okay, this got pushed off, but I did it today, so I'm carrying it over to this weeks goals, and it feels good to already have one done!

*Clean out coupon organizer, cut & file last week and this weeks coupons - I did get my organizers cleaned out and this weeks coupons cut and organized, I did not get to last week's however.

*Review coupon deals - if good - make a trip and start couponing again - I looked, but I didn't make any trips, hoping to do so this week.

Overall, pretty good.  Now onto this week!
* Complete at least 1 workout and 1 run
* Clean out and organize craft room closet
* Dinner with a good friend (soo excited about this, I miss you LP)
* Cut & organize coupons from this week, and one past week
* Review coupon deals - if good - make a trip and start couponing again
* Blog - post review & giveaway, Wordless Wednesday, & 1 additional post
* Address & Mail Owen's birthday invites
* Finish reading The Hunger Games (1st book)
* Date night/day w/Troy
It's a lot, but I'm not going to lie, I've already done some today, this list is very possible this week!
Feel free to post your own list, or link up to yours in the comments!!  If I have a lot of feedback I can start this as a Linky next week!

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