Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Recap

We are so fortunate to have the majority of our family and extended family here in town. I LOVE that fact that we can see both sets of families for every holiday and not have to decide which family we are going to see on which holiday.  Of course this makes for crazy holidays, but my husband and I love every minute of it.

Take Christmas for example....we had 6 stops in one day (including our house).  Most people think we are crazy..but we LOVE this day.  It's a day of fun, surprises, and a day of family and we wouldn't change it a bit.

So, here's our Christmas day!

First, we woke the kids up at 7 am and did Santa.  Troy's grandmother spent the night (it's been a traditon the past 3 years) and I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Owen, or Granny.  Most kids count down to Santa....O counts down to Christmas Eve, when Granny has a spend the Night Night!
Santa came!

She loves the gift Owen got her!

We then loaded the kids (and Granny) and headed to MeeMaw & PawPaw's house (Troy's parents) to do Christmas with them.  We got to their house around 9 am and exchanged presents and then had a quick breakfast.

From there we went to church at 10:50 and after church we headed to my parents to do Christmas with them.  We got to my parents about 12:15 and had to go quick since my extended family were all coming at 1:30-2 pm.

We stayed at Missy & Papa's and did Christmas with Missy's extended family (some reason I didn't take any pictures!) and left there to head to Troy's Aunt & Uncle's to do Christmas with them.  We got to their house about 5:30 pm.

Dress take 2, the first one didnt make it too long!
We got home about 10pm and then Troy and I did our Christmas together once we got the kids changed and in bed (they were already asleep luckily).  It's a long day, but it's a fun day!

Troy and I always wait to do our Christmas together, and people think we are crazy, but this way we get to focus 100% on the kids during the morning and day, and focus on each other 100% in the evening.  We tend to go way overboard on each other, but this year we put ourselves on a budget for each other....we both went over! ; )  But we were close, and better than we've been in the past!

Both kids were spoiled by all sets of family and friends and I'm not sure they got any duplicates!!  Owent really enjoyed Christmas this year, he was excited about everything, even his socks that he got.  Brynnleigh really didn't know what was going one, but she did enjoy playing with new toys and watching Owen.

Their favorites? - O's - his remote control cars and his Percy train.  B - her singing Monkey from Owen and her dolls.

We hope you had a great Christmas and here's to 2012!!

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Erika Price said...

What a lovely Christmas you all had! Happy New Year!