Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Goals

I'm going to use my blog to help me stay accountable for what I want. I have a tendancy to over schedule/book/think and then get so overwhelmed that nothing gets done. So, I'm making it public...what I want to accomplish, and I will update so I can let myself, and everyone else know what I've been able to do.

Also, if I have it "written" down it may keep me from overbooking myself! This week will probably be a bit slow since we are just getting back from vacation and are exhausted!

So this week I would like to:

* Keep the kitchen island cleaned off (this has to be done nightly, it collects EVERYTHING)

* Complete at least 1 workout and 1 run

*Order Christmas Thank you notes

*Pick out Owen's birthday invitations

*Post to blog - Disney Trip & Wordless Wednesday

*Clean out & organize craft room closet (this could easily take all week)

*Clean out coupon organizer, cut & file last week and this weeks coupons

*Review coupon deals - if good - make a trip and start couponing again

I promise to update on Sunday or Monday next week with how well I did, and next week's goals.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

So I see there is no time to hang out with Troy this week. Poor fella.

Amy Romero said...

Lovely! How is it going so far? Have you checked any of them off? Also. What the heck do you mean -- Christmas Thank you notes? I've never heard of such!