Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before ChaLEAN Extreme

So, remember awhile back I mentioned ordering ChaLEAN Extreme to get my body ready for bathing suit season? Well I finally did it, and I started my first video last night! So far....I LOVE it!

The first video was 35 minutes long, so not too long where I got bored. They do have "basic" videos that help you learn the exercise techniques and how to use the resistance band correctly....I think I'll go back and watch those tonight. I did have a few issues making sure I had the band correct to 1 get enough resistance, and 2 keep it from flying off and hitting me!

How the program works is you have 5 exercise days and 2 rest days.  Day 2 (which is today for me) and Day 7 are both rest days...so for me I will rest on Tuesdays (O's soccer practice day) and Sundays.  I do these videos around 8pm once my babies are asleep.

The book recommended that you take before and after photos through the course of the program...so one set before, one set at 30, 60, and 90 days. They also recommended that you take these photos in a bathing suit, or minimal clothing. Since most of my workout attire is shirts and shorts or pants, I did the swimsuit.

And yes, as I'm typing this, I'm trying to figure out a way to not post these pictures for the world to see. What I hope to do with these videos is to tone my mid section and tone up my thighs. Being a soccer player, and now a runner, I've always had large legs, so if I can keep them firm and tight, I guess I'll just have to deal. Before my babies....I had one heck of a stomach (or lack there of)...it was my favorite part of myself....and now it's gone and my least favorite part of myself...but I have two precious babies to show for it.

Okay....enough procrastinating....here's me, before ChaLEAN Extreme...

I don't expect to lose a lot of weight with this program, I expect more toning, but I would not be upset with weight loss either!

Before starting the program:
Weight - 134 lbs
Height - 5'7"
Waist - 28"
Hips - 37"
Chest/Bust - 34"
Clothes Size - 6

I cannot remember the other measurements....but those are the important ones, for me at least!

If anyone wants to see my friend Amy's results you can do so HERE and if you would like to order this workout for yourself (I did the basic at $89.85) you can purchase it HERE


Amy Romero said...

I'm so excited for you!!! AND I know it's hard posting pictures for all the world to see, but you'll be SO glad you did. (BY the way, you look AWESOME already...!)

People will be thankful - it's motivational for others and it's also *real* which is hard to come by these days! :)
Can't wait to see what our progress photos will look like.

Guess I should do another 'before' set too -- maybe this time I'll follow your lead and get brave and do the bikini shots :)

The BOAT said...

If I can take bathing suit pictures...than you def. can!

I'm so excited for my 30,60, and 90day shots...so I'm hoping that knowing I have to take three more sets of bikini shots than I'll stay motivated to complete the workouts!

amy said...

YAY!! So excited for you to be starting! You look great on day one, I cannot wait to see the kind of progress you're going to be getting! If you want to add me as a friend on Beachbody I'm CoachStarsky! I hope to chat with you more about our Beachbody journeys!