Friday, April 6, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs (Blog Hop)

Watch out...I'm back!!  Linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles

Our top 5's are actually for the last two weeks...

5 - On the way home every evening, I try to talk w/O to find out how his day was and try to keep him awake on our 20 minute drive home - I've started asking him what he had for lunch....and his reply " Cheese and Mandaise sandwich, I have that every day and I told you this yesterday"  I guess I need to think of new questions to ask him.

4 - O got 2 new fish awhile back...B loves to watch them..the other night before bed, she looked at them and said "Night night shishies!"

3 - We had 2 birthday parties which overlapped 30 minutes (luckily they were at same place) and I was trying to explain to O that he would need to decide if he wanted to leave one early or go to one late...he looked at me and very seriously said "I won't need to decide Momma, I'll let them know when we get there, and they will hold Ramsey's party until I'm ready!"  (Maybe I shouldn't have emphasized to him he needs to let people know what he wants in life!)

2 - B is in love with animal sounds - if you ask her what a cow says, she replies "MOOOOOOOOOOOO", a duck is "qack qack", bird is "teet teet", Pig is super super cute, she gets all worked up trying to oink and just breathes funny, and a horse is her laughing...but the best when you ask her what Brynnleigh says, and she starts blowing kisses!  I've been trying to get a video, I'll def. post once I get it.

1 - I overheard O talking to himself the other is his conversation "I have the same number of toes as I do fingers...I wonder what they are called?  I'll just call them the same (While pointing to toes), thumb toe, pointer finger tow, I don't know toe, I don't know toe, and pinky toe"


Cari said...

hello...found you through Melissa and link up.

All your laughs are super funny!!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love that he said I told you this everyday-come on mom:) He is a hoot- love #3. Please get a video of B doing that. I don't know toe-lol. So cute! Love reading your laughs!