Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 of my favorite's as great as Christmas, but without all the stress.  You don't have to worry about presents or making everyone happy.  Yet you get a whole day to spend with family and think back to the good ol days!

The Easter Bunny does come visit the kids each year, but we don't make it a big to do.  Normally the Easter bunny brings some flip flops, sunglasses, and a few pieces of candy (but not much).  This year our Easter bunny was a bit more practical...the kids also got toothpaste and soap to go along with their candy!

I love the simplicity in kids....I asked O what he wanted the Easter to bring him in his basket, and as I was trying to formulate a response to his crazy need/want...he replied "a chocolate bunny".  Yep that's my baby...for his birthday he asked for birthday cake, and Easter, a chocolate bunny.  The Easter bunny actually brought him 3 little chocolate bunnies, and he was soo happy!

The Easter Bunny has also started leaving eggs in the front yard for the kids to "hunt".  It's his personal sign to let the kids know he's come, before they see their baskets....O was so cute..."He's come he's come...I see the eggs out front!"

So once the kids checked out their baskets....

And tried a few things...

We got dressed for church and started our Egg hunt (#1 of the day).  As I said before, I was shocked that B knew what to do right away (I then later found out that MeeMaw had done a practice egg hunt with them earlier in the week...thanks for prepping them MeeMaw!).

Then it was off to church and straight to Nana's (my grandmother) house to visit with my extended family (on my Mom's side).  We had TONS of food, and have fun hanging out with the family outside.  Troy got a free pass to go watch Masters while I hung out w/the kiddos.  Don't worry...he wasn't glued to the TV and spent lots of time with the kids before it started!  Owen had Egg hunts number 2-5 with his cousins Austin & Laura while we were there...and a few of us walked the kids to the park 2 blocks down the street.  It was really neat seeing the kids climb on the same rocks we used to climb on as kids.  (Pictures to come...I didn't take my camera since I knew I'd be wrangling two crazy kiddos, so I have to get from my cousin Robyn).

From there, we went to Troy's parents house for dinner...and yes, another egg hunt.  I'm not sure my body needed anymore food, but we ate again anyways!  Troy also got to finish watching the Masters with his Dad...and maybe I watched the end too!!

The kids were told that there were two special eggs with a surprise of course we had to open them right away...

We didn't get home until both kids went straight to bed...happy and exhausted from being outside all day!

I did learn on Easter, that Brynnleigh is very fluent in Easter talk...she has mastered Easter, Bunny, egg, and sucker on her ever growing vocabulary list (I'm very scared of the teen years).

We hope everyone else had a great Easter Sunday and weekend!!  (Oh yeah...I had some Pepsi on Sunday...the Easter Bunny had one waiting for me in the refrigerator!)

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

You have some of the greatest pictures. Looks like an incredible weekend!! Such a fun mommy making Easter great!