Monday, April 2, 2012

Crazy Saturday

I apologize for not getting our Saturday Top 5 Laughs up this past week.  I was hoping to get it up before the craziness of Saturday started but I didn't, so it never made it!

Here is a glimpse of our Saturday...
8 am - Monument Avenue 10K
11 am - Owen's soccer game
1pm - Birthday party #1
2:30 pm - Birthday party #2

5:45 pm - I CRASH hard!  Kids on the other hand, are still going strong!

I was able to get a personal record on the 10K which I'm super excited about, but I still feel that I was super slow.  I guess being a college athlete, and always competitive, I'll never be happy! Hopefully next year I can continue to improve my time in this race.

O lost his soccer game, but this is more of a rebuilding season (yes they have those at 5 years old).  He's playing in a 5-6 yr old league...well his whole team is 4 and 5, no  year olds so they are a bit younger and smaller than the teams he's playing.  They did show huge improvement between last weeks game, so hopefully they will continue to grow.

Birthday parties #1 and #2, wore me out.  We lucked out that both were at the same place....Pump It Up.  However, I am a HUGE kid at those places, so when I wasn't on Brynnleigh watch, I was running, bouncing, and sliding with the needless to say, I was exhausted by the time we got home!

Unfortunately I did not take a bunch of pictures, but I did grab this one of my babies watching Landon (Birthday party #1) open his presents.  They did this all on their own, it was so sweet.

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

What a fun but busy weekend!!