Saturday, June 30, 2012

Children's Museum

We are very lucky to have 3 different Children's Museums here in town (all are within 30 minutes from our house).  There's the original/old one, the New one, and the new new one (All named by Owen).  They are all the same company, so one membership gets you into all three.  They each have a ton of fun things, and all are different, so you can switch it up a bit.  While my brother and his family were in town we took the kids to the original Children's Museum (The new new one which is less than a mile from our house was not open yet).

The kids had a blast....
B kissing Cousin K's Minnie
They have a TON of things for the kids to do.  They can dig for dinosaur bones, or slide down a dinosaur's tail...

They can shop at the "Farmer's Market" (this is in a fenced in area for kids ages 2 and under)

Or go to the big kid grocery store, where they can shop, or check people out...

They can make new friends, who are wearing the same shirt..

They can pick apples, and throw them back...(This used to be O's favorite when he was close to B's age - check it out HERE)

How bout a little hula hooping?

And just for a few months, you can ride the carousel (this did cost $2.00 extra but only because the museum has to "rent" the attraction)

They have a large art room where you can draw, paint, glue, create, pretty much anything you can think of..

And there's plenty of fun even for the adults too..

If you get bored inside, there's even more fun outside with the bikes, more hula hoops (B carried this one around all the time), a sand box, and on the warm days water fun!

Believe it or not, there are areas we did not get pictures...they have a car auto area where you can check the oil, change a tire, an ambulance that you can play inside, a "hospital" area,  a bank ATM, a climbing area that incorporates nature/animals and much much more.

O saw this little sunshine on the way out and we just HAD to get a few pictures!

I would check to see if you have a Children's Museaum close to you, and if you do, it is well worth the investment for a membership.  My kids would go every day if we would let them.

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Tracy said...

I love our children's museum, too--unfortunately it's an hour away, just a little too far for us to make much use of a yearly pass. I'm a little jealous that you have THREE!