Monday, June 11, 2012

Flying Squirels

While my brother, sister in law, and niece were in town, we went to our local baseball stadium.  Our team, The Flying Squirrels were in town, and we knew everyone would enjoy.  Troy's Dad was able to get us the box which is perfect for the kids (yes we are spoiled).  They can stay inside and color/play/watch TV, or they can come sit outside and enjoy the game.

Owen has been to 3 previous games and somehow has managed to walk away with a baseball each and every time.  So of course Mama headed straight to where they were warming up..and made sure my little O got his 4th baseball for his collection.  I may or may not have batted a few eyelashes ; )

We had a perfect view of the game...

Of course the Grandmother's enjoyed watching the game their grandbabies!

Brynnleigh did great for a 7pm game and a 7:30 pm bedtime!  She did have a little too much fun going in and out of the box though! ; )

The mascot, Nutzy came by to visit...both B and my niece, Kyra loved him.  O likes him, but likes him far far away!  ; )  Unfortunately I had stepped out and still had the zoom lens on the camera and Troy didn't think he had enough time to switch the lenses so these are the pics we got...

Nutzy visited with Troy's brother too..

And because B fell in love with Nutzy....we had to say goodbye before we left....(At this point O was done and perfectly happy playing in the box waiting for us!)

And we had to watch him walk away (yep....we were the very last ones in the stadium)

We had to yell BUH BYE NUTY and blow 100 kisses!  (And yes...Mama and Daddy were smart and packed the kids pjs to change into before we left!)

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