Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

This weekend I had planned to work on the blog and update with what we had been up to lately...then I got all caught up in the Hurricane Sandy hype.  I tend to stalk the weather on occasion, whether it be a snow storm, hurricane, or other random weather event.  I had been watching the forecast since Tuesday of last week...and as it got closer it looked worse for my area.

Originally we were going to start feeling the effects on Sunday, so part of Saturday and all day Sunday Troy and I worked on EVERY piece of laundry in the house, yes, even those crazy wash by hand pieces that you set to the side until you HAVE to wash them...yep, even those!

Sunday ended up being a beautiful day, a nice fall day with a bit of a breeze.  The kids spent the entire day in their pjs prepared for the bad weather.  Would I trade this day?  Nope, we had a great day at home, with nothing to do and caught up on our laundry!

This morning I drove into work early just in case traffic was bad, and I left work around 2:40 pm to beat the traffic home.  Still not bad, just a typical raining day with a few wind gusts (still not bad).

Now at 9:18 PM, I'm wondering, are we in the clear, or is there more to come?  We are supposed to get heavier wind and wind gusts all night long, so I guess we just have to wait and see.  I would much rather have the crazy wind when we are all awake and I have my babies with me.  How we are set up, we are on one side of the house, and the kids on the other.  If the winds get bad, I will grab my babies and we will camp out all together!

What upsets me?  Schools were cancelled today, and tomorrow.  They totally could have gone today, but they were unsure what was going to come, and when it would come.  I wish they had just waited a bit longer before cancelling, but I totally understand they were worried for the safety of the bus drivers, students, and teachers.  I would much rather them cancel then risk it, but today was kinda a waste.

Troy had taken today, tomorrow, and Wednesday off to spend time with the kids.  He was really looking forward to putting O on the bus (which he already does every day), and getting him off the bus.  He also was looking forward to taking B to school tomorrow and picking her up.  He hasn't even had the chance to meet her teachers yet, and really wanted to.  I think he may have gone to eat lunch with O on Tuesday as well.  So I feel bad for him, that he wasn't able to follow through with his plans.

I do hope that we continue to miss most of this storm.  I'm scheduled off on Wednesday to help O's class with their "fall" party and then we were going to dress the kids up for trick or treating early so they could make it to both of their grandparents house before going around the neighborhood.  If we get a lot of damage here, then I'm not sure I can get off on Wednesday (I work for a fire & water restoration company).

So, I'm sorry for the rambling...but this storm is 100% crazy...and HUGE!  For all my friends on the east coast and North, please be careful and safe.  I am stalking FB, instagram, and anything else to keep tabs on my friends and this crazy storm.

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