Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple Picking

I FINALLY talked Troy into taking us up to Carter Mountain Orchard a few weekends ago.  And by FINALLY, it's only taken me about 3 to 4 years.  I never had to go apple picking when I was younger, we had a HUGE apple tree in our backyard.  I was so upset when we moved and we couldn't take the apple tree with us.  Dad tried growing a new one in our new house, but they never lasted.

So a few Saturday's ago we headed north to Carter Mountain after my 8 mile training run and Owen's soccer game.  We were hoping the kids would nap on the way up, but that didn't happen.  We had some good friends go with us which made picture taking so much more fun!

And this, a few weeks before turning 2, is when Brynnleigh starts her fashion statements, she INSISTED on wearing her DOWA (Dora) boots!

They had two types of apples that we could pick (and yes, I don't remember the types...but one was green and one was red...does that count?).  O wanted to pick the green ones first, so we headed down that path...

Brynnleigh was determined to walk on her own (remember that no nap part?) so Troy stayed behind to walk with her, while we continued on down the path.  O was so excited when he saw the apples, he did not wait for Daddy.  He had his friend Miguel who could lift him up to reach the high apples.

Then O found the ones he could reach himself...

About 5-10 apples later, Troy and Brynnleigh showed up....she was very excited to pick some apples (well actually to pick one apple, and eat it!)

We then started to walk to the "red" apples since that is what our friends wanted (and O was in full out apple picking mode by then!).  So my friend Amy, Owen and myself headed to the red apples, while Miguel, Troy, and Brynnleigh tried to catch up.  At this time Brynnleigh was eating her apple, so her pace decreased tremendously!

We actually ended up running into one of Owen's friends from preschool so we didn't get any "red" apple picking photos, but Owen picked plenty with his friends while Mommy talked!  We then paid for our apples and managed to bypass the apple doughnuts that are fried in straight lard!

O was so excited to carry his apples!
We had so much fun.  It was very low key, which was perfect for the kids.  We got there before they started their fall festivals (we were about 2 weeks early) which kept the crowds down, which is exactly what I wanted.  We had no problems finding apples on the trees, and it was all for the experience for the kids, which I'm pretty sure they enjoyed!

So a big thanks to the Romero's for having fun hanging out with our crazy kiddos...(which by the way our kids LOVE you both!)

And thanks for taking these awesome pictures of our family...we have so few of the four of us.

Troy, thank you for finally giving in to my crazy excursions!  I hope you had fun....oh, and do you want to try and go again next year?  ; )

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