Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Festival & Reunion

I just couldn't leave these photos out.  Every year we go to my Nana's church for their fall festival.  They have a mini pumpkin patch, free games & snacks for the kiddos, & a bake sale.  Unfortunately it was a crazy for O, Nana's church, & my 10 year college  I didn't get to get tons of pics...nor did I have time to be selective.

O was soo excited to play the games, we couldn't get him he's not in any pictures...sorry O...but you have a few years of pics ahead on your sister! : )

I got B's dress at a consignment sale for $ was too cute not to pass up!

Love my blue eyed babies!

Afterwards, we ran by my reunion...and I met up w/some friends who I hadn't seen or talked to in forever.  It was great catching up & I hope we do a better job of staying in touch now....than we have in the past!
O wanted a picture (FINALLY) and my friends Jenn & Travis jumped in w/him!

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