Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still here...

Sorry I've been MIA...we've had a crazy week/weekend.  My brother got married this past weekend (post to come soon) and we are just starting to recover from our 7 hr drive...but I promise I won't be gone long!!

I have a new review coming up either at the end of this week, or beginning of next week.....it's gonna be a fun one!!

I've been scoping out the black friday deals...and I"m not going to lie....I don't see anything that really excites me.  We don't need any electronics (we we could use them...but don't "need" them) and O and B are so random with their toy wants.

Anyone see anything that I just can't miss?  I'm very upset about this...I LOVE Black Friday shopping...I'm normally at the stores by 4am, and at work by 8am with all my shopping done...not looking so good this time.  I will say, I'm not sure that I'm happy about all these stores opening up at midnight...it messes with my tradition.

So...feel free, leave a comment, what are you shopping (or not shopping) for this crazy weekend?  Also, I'm trying to compile a "Best/Easy Christmas Gifts" blog post if anyone has any suggestions.  Would love some product reviews or giveaways for this blog post!!  Just comment, or email me at TheLacksBOAT@hotmail.com


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I am getting up at 4 am to go shopping. I am having a HUGE giveaway going live on Black Friday, so come check it out:) Happy Thanksgiving!

The BOAT said...

The more I think about it...the more I think I'm still going to go shopping...I mean I can't stop a tradition right? I'm just debating on if I want to start at midnight, or just wait until 4am.

I'll try and link up to your giveaway on Friday if that's okay.

Happy shopping!