Friday, November 11, 2011

Tomorrow is here!

Tomorrow, tomorrow...keeps running through my head.  I've been working towards tomorrow for 12-13 weeks now...and have been thinking about it for 11 months.  I signed up for tomorrow on 12/31/10 and now, tomorrow is here.

Tomorrow I will be running my first 1/2 marathon....13.1 one time.  Am I I excited..yes, am I nervous...yes.

Amy & I (Pink & White shirts) early in the training

Years ago I said I wanted to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) but never followed through with it.  I always wanted to...but I always wanted to do other things too.  Troy signed up for a 1/2 marathon...then a full, then another full...and the bug started. 

I would go out to all of his races and cheer him on and watch the other runners...who were in no less shape than myself, some in worse shape (or at least they looked like it).  Standing there watching the runners actually kinda depressed me.  I'm in athlete and very watching others compete was tough, when I knew I could do it too.  At his last marathon, last November I pretty much decided that I was going to do it.  If all these other thousands of people could do it...why couldn't I?  Of course at this time, Brynnleigh was a month old, so I knew I needed some training time. So...

I signed up to run a 5K a month later on 12/4/11 - Brynnleigh was 2 months old....and I did it.  I struggled at times, but I did it and it felt good.  I then signed up for the Monument 10K in March & the training team....Troy caught on...and took advantage of my initiative.  On 12/31/10 - the day before the price increase, Troy talked me into signing up for the 1/2 marathon in Richmond on 11/12/11 AND the 1/2 Marathon in Disney on 1/7/12.  Luckily, we were able to also talk my friend Amy into doing it as well.  We talked Amy into doing the 10K & 1/2 marathon....and she's never ran a 5K!

Amy & I (bright yellow & pink) running in the freezing rain...literally

So...back in August...Amy & I started our venture to run 13.1 miles...both only having run a distance of 6 miles.  We tried to keep up with runs from March-August (10K-training team start) so we were not starting from scratch....and here we are....waiting for run 13.1.  Neither of us have run this far before (training team only did up to 12) but...both of us can run this far, hands down.  We have run through a hurricane, and a cold freezing rainy day, and pretty much anything I think we can handle a sunny 35-50 degree run!

Amy & I running through Hurricane Irene (we are in pink)

So tomorrow, I start a new venture, with an old friend and I can't wait!!

My goals for tomorrow:
To finish
To RUN the entire race (minus stops for water, gummy bears etc)
To have fun

My hopes for tomorrow:
To finish under 2hours and 45 minutes - I would love to be close to 2 hours and 30 minutes

My reward for tomorrow:
Five Guys - I've never been there before so I'm excited!


Amy Romero said...

Hey who you callin' old?! :)
Tomorrow will be great - it HAS to be, after all this work we've put in :)

The BOAT said...

I didn't mean old as in age, I mean old as in time....don't worry...I'm older than you! : )