Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving & Weekend Update

I had every intention of having a Thanksgiving post for Thanksgiving day...then both kids were sick (figures right?).  So here you go, a few days late!

Thanksgiving is always a fun time for us filled with family and the start of the Christmas celebrations.  Troy & I always put up the Christmas tree on Wednesday evening while watching a Christmas movie (Elf now Polar Express).  Thursday morning we finish up the decorating, and head to my Aunt's house in the country (45 minutes away) for Thanksgiving lunch.  We leave there to head to Troy's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We come home stuffed and happy and I plan out my shopping trip.  I head out early Friday morning, shop till I drop, and come home to finish the decorations.  The rest of the weekend is spent doing whatever we want.

This year, was different....

We put the tree up Tuesday night, finished Wednesday night.  Thursday morning Troy cut grass (2 yards) and I worked on the house, we went to his parents for lunch, and hung out the rest of the evening.  Troy & I headed to Toys R Us which opened at 9pm, saw the forever long line, and drove right by.  We took the kids home, everyone went to bed and I stayed up making my shopping plan.  I was at Kohls by 12:04am and went to Kohls & Target and was home before 3 am.  Troy worked Friday morning, and I braved the doctors office with two sick kids by myself.  The kids and I hit the grocery store and then came home and watched the Polar Express (again).  The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out as a family....oh, and I got a new phone...I FINALLY have a smart phone and can do more than just text message from my phone!

So, why didn't we get together with my family?  We were all together the weekend before for my brother's wedding...but I would have rather we had just gotten together again.  It just didn't feel like Thanksgiving without all the running around and seeing both families.

I did not take lots of pics, since it seemed like just a normal here are the kiddos today after church.  They rocked their Thanksgiving outfits last time!
So, what am I thankful for?  Pretty much everything, my wonderful husband, my two kiddos, my family, Troy's family, my Owen would say "everything in my world".  I'm so lucky to have such a great family and friends.  I see and hear lots of horror stories about in laws and family members...and while we joke around with and about some of ours, we are truly lucky not to have any real "crazys" in our family and circle.

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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