Friday, September 9, 2011

Owen's photo shoot!

After taking Brynnleigh's 8 month pictures...O wanted some taken of him.  I had no problem with this since I love looking and sharing pictures of my babies!!  O is at a strange age right now, some days I can take pictures of him for hours, other's I have to catch him when he's not paying I totally took advantage of his willingness.

Most of these were taken of "Robot Owen" his obsession lately (well I guess for a year) has been robots...but he only likes to pretend to be a robot...he doesn't want any robot toys...but he has a great imagination with his robots and he tends to get his Mama Robot & Daddy Robot to play along!  Here are some versions of Robot Owen:

"mean robot":

The silly robot:

and the "Mama Robot" (those who know me well...know that I ALWAYS stick my tongue out in pics...especially if I've had any adult beverages!)

Owen, you are by far the best Robot I've come across in a long long time!!  I am so glad you use your imagination and allow Mommy & Daddy to join in on the fun with you!!

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