Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phillies Trip!

Back in May when my husband, Troy, and I playing in our annual college golf tournament I entered a raffle.  I was upset when my $20.00 raffle got me 1 whole ticket.  Since when is a raffle that expensive and you only get 1 ticket?  My excitement quickily dropped as I walked back with my one ticket...totally knowing that I would not win a sleeve of golf balls or new golf bag with my one ticket.

When it came time to draw the raffle, I found out that it was a Super Raffle and there were four prizes, and as you got picked, you could pick your choice of the remaining prizes.  Well, when they drew number #3....I was shocked to hear my name....even more shocked to realize that I had my choice of a Phillies baseball package or a RMC Tailgating package (the other two prizes were Chicago Cubs tickets & National's tickets).  I don't think I could spit "Phillies" out fast enough....not because I'm a Phillies fan but I love baseball, and I'd never been to the Phillies stadium.

Soooo....about 2 weeks after I won, I found out exactly what I won...are you ready for this?  We got 4 tickets to the game, a tour of the stadium, actually got to go out on the field during batting practice, and dinner in the diamond club.  I couldn't wait to head up to Philly!! 

We decided to invite an old college friend of mine & her husband to join us.  They live near Philly and are HUGE Phillie fans.

So we drove 4.5 hours north this past Saturday and met Jenn & Bob at the stadium.  Since I know nothing about the Phillies, I studied their line up the whole drive up and had it memorized by the time we got there....of course I mispronounced everyone's name (who invited the southern girl?)

I took a picture of the starting line up in the Press case I needed to look during the game!

Our seats were AMAZING - we sat in the Hall of Fame's our view:

We got some pics, but Jenn got way better check out her blog here! It was sooo nice to catch up w/old friends and enjoy a weekend away.  All this happened to be a few days before our 8 year Wedding anniversary too!!

I had so much fun, I just may start pulling for the Phillies (esp. now that I know the main lineup).  It was amazing to see how much support they had in that stadium and how much pride the city/fans had in their team.

We couldn't have asked for a better game - the Phillies won, and also clinched their division title.  We saw runners walked home, a grand slam, and much much more.  I may just have to plan a trip back to Phillie next season!! ; )

Jenn & Bob....thanks for joining us and helping this southerner learn how to pronounce everyone's names!!


Ryan Howard 1st Baseman (& lefty!!)

Jimmy Rollins - SS


Mark McGwire

Troy & I doing our Press Release!

Broadcast Booth

Press Box

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