Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sophie The Giraffe back in July I finally broke down and bought Brynnleigh the "Sophie the Giraffe" teether.  I debated on this purchase for quite some time & made some phone calls while walking around Babies R Us for HOURS!!!

So...what was my hesitation?  It's $23.00 for a teether toy....I mean, maybe it's just me...but it seems a bit expensive for something you are going to chew on!! (esp. a toy you can't return)

Well...I decided to try it...since B was teething at the time and well, didn't chew on a lot.  My initial response - it reminded me of a dog toy - rubber & squeaked.  Had I been able to open in the store and touch & play with it, I WOULD NOT have bought it.  But, I tried anyways - and Brynnleigh's first reaction - she LOVED it!  It was my best purchase ever.  Even O liked it...I mean that fought over it.  I was so glad she liked it since it was so expensive. forward 2.5 months....and that GREAT $23.00 sitting in a toy bin.  In my oppinion - totally not worth it and waste of money.  She played w/it for about 3 days & moved on to biting my shoulder. 

Oh well...I'd still be debating that purchase now, had I not gotten it!

Sorry this wasn't so wordless!


Tessa said...

OMG, my daughter LOVED Sophie. It was funny because we'd always refer to it like it was a person. Where is she? Do you want her? lol That is now my go to gift for a new mom, b/c it's so easy to talk yourself out of spending that on what looks like a dog toy.

The BOAT said...

Yeah we started that way and then we left it at my MIL's house for a week, and it lost all it's glory!! She's much happier w/my son's matchbox cars!!

I do have a few go to shower gifts as well - Butt Paste, Diapers, Wipes, mylicon drops, and a few other necesities that just aren't always the most fun to buy!