Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Costume Party!

Our friend's little girl had a Princess Party for her 4th birthday and asked all her friends to dress up.  O decided that he didn't want to be a princess (kidding...he never did...promise!) and wanted to be a pirate.  I had randomly picked up a Tinkerbell costume for B at Target last year for about $2.00
Originally we were going to throw O's costume together...until my AWESOME husband found that Party City had this costume complete w/hat for $9.99....totally worth it, and O loved it!  Of course I had to beg the lady to get it from the back since the costumes aren't out yet....but it only took 1 PUHLEASE!!

O was sooo sooo sooo happy with his costume...he wore it all weekend!!

Of course neither kid want to be a pirate or Tinkerbell for Halloween....but when do we ever do anything easy?

Thanks for including us in your birthday party Gracie....we had a blast!
O & The Birthday Girl!

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Tracy said...

Very cute. :) I stocked up on costumes after Halloween the last couple of years--every kid needs a good dress up collection!