Friday, September 16, 2011

Total Excitement!!

So....I'm super super super excited about our activities this weekend!!  First thing tomorrow morning I'm running my longest distance ever, 7 miles.  While I'm super nervous, I'm excited, it moves me into a whole new class of runners.  Of course I haven't run since this past Friday (only 4 miles too) but I think I can do it.  This would put me past the 1/2 way mark of the 1/2 marathon...super big milestone!!

THEN, I get to go to O's first soccer game of the season and watch my little super star.

THEN, Troy and I get to jump on 95 and head north for 5 HOURS to meet up with some old friends and go watch the Phillies.  And get this, not only do we get to watch the game in nice comfy seats...we get a tour of the ball park, dinner, and I THINK we get to go on the field during batting practice....I just might not leave!!  I can see myself hitting pitches from the boys and running & sliding into home plate before the game....(remember that post where I said the things that run through my head are crazy....well, here's some proof).  Soo soo sooo excited!!

So, this little Braves girl...has got to study the roster on the way up north....because there are 2 things that Troy does not "love" about me....1st - I'm always late, and 2nd - nobody is "untouchable" in my eyes....if I see Ryan Howard (he's the 1st baseman...number 6 & I think the highest paid player on the team) I will go up to him like we've known each other our whole lives.  Now I won't pester, ask for an autograph (well maybe) but I'll just walk up and say "Hey Ryan Howard, nice night for a game, good seeing you, good luck" and walk away....and well...Troy just doesn't get it.  He likes to look from afar.

I'm going to miss my babies, and this will be the first night away from B...O was almost 2 before we left him, but I think it will be a good trip/get away for Troy & I....and it falls 3 days from our 8 year wedding anniversary!

So enjoy your weekends, and I'll be back w/some baseball pictures!!  (Hopefully, I still don't have my camera...ooops!!)

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