Thursday, March 8, 2012


Okay...some fun things....

First off, I'm so excited to have so many new followers!  If When I get 75 GFC followers I will do another Mary Kay giveaway!!  This time I'm thinking a Cream Highlighter...but I'm open to suggestions..what would you like?

I hope to add a few things to the blog in the next few days - an email subscription, RSS, and Google +, any other requests?  ( I promise some tabs too...we are getting professional)

Lastly....with so many new followers....lets do another Ask ask away.  You can ask through comments, tweets, facebook, or email (all are posted on right hand side). can ask Troy if you would like...just make sure to say who your question is directed to.  (If not, I'll assume its for me!) other one...sorry...any blogger peeps interested in doing a Mary Kay Review and/or Giveaway?  I will offer your readers a 40% off discount for anything purchased as well.

Happy Thursday!

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