Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time to clean out the pantry!

Not sure I want to share this with the world....but here is what our pantry looked like Saturday morning (and a lot of days before that!)

I knew that I needed to reorganize, and go through and pull out the expired items and the items that I realize we just won't eat, I just never tackled it until now.  I really didn't think I would find a ton out of date....I was right, but the things that were out of date...were really out of date...

2003?  Really? read that right...2003!!  What I don't understand....we moved to this house in did it even make the move?  On top of that....wanna know what it box of tea bags...something that would have been super cheap to replace!  No got tossed!

I also came across this box of cereal....make sure you check out how much was left...too

Yep...we kept it an extra year and a half just in case we wanted that one 1/2 a bowl of cereal!!

I also came across a bit of a stockpile of a few things...

Tea anyone?  I'm pretty sure I can share since I have 5 boxes!  I only make tea every now and then's not even a monthly thing!

I also found:

That's right...three boxes of Capt Crunch Berries....bad thing, all three have the same expiration date.  That would be because we made two trips to the grocery store the other week, Troy bought one box, and a few days later, I bought two. (They were 2 for $5.00....when can you get cereal for under $3.00 these days?).  We will eat all three of them before they expire...this is one cereal that all four of us will eat!

This took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I had a little help from Brynnleigh off and on.  She was lost without her brother to play with.  He was busy helping Troy out in the yard...

But, us girls got it done, and I'm so happy with the results..

We threw out 3-4 regular trash bags and one big trash bag.  I had one grocery bag of stuff that I was giving to a friend (it was all in date and nothing we would have used anyways...I just kept it because I thought we would "try" it).  Now we know what we have (and don't have) so when we go to the grocery store, we don't over buy!

I hope to to go through another area and clean out and organize this week or weekend (I'm thinking the foyer closet).  I also went through Brynnleigh's drawers and pulled out the things that were getting small, faded, or just out of season (we kept a few just in case we have another cold spell).  The spring stuff I set aside to give away...the winter stuff I put up in the attic to give away next fall/winter.

Sunday was beautiful here (still a chill, but so nice) so instead of working on the house, Troy and I stopped by Kohl's and had a great date lunch after church (the kids went home w/his parents).  We picked up the kids, played outside for an hour, and stopped by and saw some great friends!  So much better than straightening the house! ; )

How was your weekend?

FYI, just had to share this with you...I thought it was soo cute.  Saturday evening Troy was talking about the work he & O had done outside....looks at me and says "Shoot, I should have taken a "before" picture outside so you could put it on the blog!".  Thanks for being so supportive love!

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CLJ said...

I try to clean out our pantry every few months. If the food isn't expired and we're not going to eat it, Travis takes goody bags with him and gives them to the homeless people. They are always so greatful.

Your pantry looks very organized!!