Friday, March 23, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs (Blog Hop)

Here's our Top from this week!!  Linking up with the The Mommyhood Chronicles

5. O has his goodbye routine that we have to do at every goodbye...I have to write this down teach my grandbabies one day!  Of course every few days O adds a new piece, but for now it's
    Hug, Kiss, "Roar", Boo, High Five, thumbs up (touch thumbs), pound (and blow it up), tickle tickle (yes you tickle), clap, honk (squeeze your nose w/both hands), peek-a-boo, "aah" ("Home Alone Face"), pinch pinch (fake pinch), and then blow (it was raspberries, but momma can't blow raspberries)...I promise this doesn't take 10 minutes

4. Brynnleigh has now started O's goodbye routine!

3.Recently, while riding in the car, I've noticed that Owen and Brynnleigh will start holding hands, it is precious!  I'm still trying to get a picture of it.

2.I had a Tupperware party on Sunday and asked O if he wanted to come with me.  His reply once he found out it would be all "ladies" at my party.... " it's okay Momma...we (him & Daddy) are going to have a man party while you are gone...only one girl is allowed...and that's Gracie (the little girl across the street, who he fights w/like they are married already).  Call her Momma and let her know she's invited to the man party!"

1. The other morning I decided to try Brynnleigh's new dress....well, after we struggled to get it on, I realized it had bloomers attached to it....oops! (FYI - I never had this issue w/O!).  Don't didn't phase her...she kept "go going!"


Carissa said...

Sweet routine! Oops on the bloomers, so funny!

New follower from Sat. top 5.

royalegacy said...

Gotta good chuckle on the bloomers. I remember messing up a bit with my girls' clothes at times. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Love the goodbye routine. So cute! You need to get a picture of them holding hands!! Haha on having a man party. Look at that picture- I still do that. They hide those bloomers. Love your laughs! I would have put my link but I did not see it. Hope you have a great weekend!