Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Kids....

Yeah not want you are thinking....

More like 4 kids is what The BOAT turns into the second we walk through the doors at Toys R Us

Owen's 5th Birthday ( did this happen?) is coming up in a few weeks, and he has asked us to get him a new Power Wheels car.  He has a truck that we got him 2 years ago...but he's outgrown it and the battery is pretty much done for.  Over the weekend we decided to go check them out to see what one he would like and how he fit in them.

Pretty cool police car right?  Yeah...he changed his mind.  He really likes the Lightening McQueen car, but it is too small and slow for him.  This is the bigger of the two Lightening McQueen cars that we have seen too.  He also tried out an ATV...

Brynnleigh waited patiently while we tried out each and every car....(Secretly she's hoping he picks out a two seater car so he can drive her around!)

Then we got bored...and went two aisles over

And we found Owen's new bike helmet....which he also loved...and we took home...because every boy needs a pirate mohawk bike helmet right?

I think I have 50 pictures on my phone of him and his helmet...he's so proud of it!  Oh...yeah and the car...he decided he liked the green dune buggie (you can see it in back of ATV pictures) and by the time we got home, he was asking for the Lightening McQueen car again! ; )

And when you have a helmet this have to have fun with it.  Random picture totally not staged.  I LOVE how we are doing the same thing!

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