Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rally for Real Pizza

So, do you ever get that urge for pizza but don't want to pay an arm and a leg and wait 30+ minutes for the delivery man but you don't want to fix a pizza that tastes like cardboard?

Well Freschetta has started a "Rally for Real Pizza" campaign.

"Frozen pizza shouldn’t simply taste better. It should be better. Freschetta® frozen pizzas are made with top-quality ingredients and taste-tested recipes, just to make sure your pizza will always deliver Fresch® flavor."

I Rally for Real Pizza because I want the convienence of a frozen cook at home pizza, but the taste of a restaurant/delivery pizza. I want my kids to have the best ingredients and a pizza they will eat! With working an hour away from home, I need quick dinner solutions, but also want healthy solutions. With two young kids, those healthy solutions also need to taste well. Which is why we use Freschetta!

You too can join the "Rally for Real Pizza" campaign - just go HERE and join the Rally Mosaic and submit a photo for your chance to win a free Freschetta pizza!  100 winners each week will receive 5 Freschetta pizzas and 10 winners will be selected on March 30th to win Freschetta pizzas for a year!

I may have just solved the dilemma of what's for dinner tonight!!

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Interesting. Thanks for telling me. I also want to link up- let me know if you do your ww

The BOAT said...

Thanks Melissa...just posted WW, I'll send you a tweet!