Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Clothes...what to do?

What do you do when you're kids outgrow their clothes, toys, and gear?  Do you keep it, give it to someone else who can use it, donate it, or sell at consignment/yard sales? 

If you get rid of it in some way shape or form, when do you do it?  As soon as you are done with it, or when you realize that you will not have anymore kids?

I have a whole attic full of clothes from sizes newborn to 4T as well as toys, and gear items.  I don't have a problem getting rid of the clothes, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up the gear just yet.

With Owen, it was easy, I knew I wanted another child so I kept EVERYTHING.  With Brynnleigh, I've been giving away her clothes as I find someone who can us it, but I'm just not sure about the gear.  Now I have given a few things to friends, but I still have that "what if" twinge.

I'm pretty sure we are a complete family, but it still could happen.  However I don't want to keep all this stuff in the attic for a what if.

I'm 100% okay getting rid of clothes since you can get baby clothes fairly inexpensive and I'm okay getting rid of toys, but it's the big things, the car seat, walker, stroller, etc.

For the little things - I try to give them to friends, or those items that don't match up, I've been selling in a consignment sale.  I like it more for being able to get in to shop early vs. making money, but I have brought in some good cash which goes straight to the kids savings accounts.

So what do you do?  For those Mommas out there that know they are did you know?  I will update you with what I decide next week...promise!!

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Tracy said...

I have a hard time even packing up baby clothes, because I'm too sentimental. My Owen's newborn sleepers are still hanging in his closet, because I'm a little sad that he hardly wore them! But we mostly keep everything that's still in good condition, anyway, because we plan to do foster care in the future. A lot of Lily's stuff gets thrown because it's worn out or stained.

The BOAT said...

I still have my favorites from my Owen, and Brynnleigh. 99% of Brynnleigh's clothes were hand me downs so some had a bit of wash wear. I try to re-hand down her clothes, but she's so small, all her younger friends have surpassed her. Owen's stuff now is a bit worn, but he grows weird. He always hits at the end of the season, so some things are still brand new where I have to pick up a few things to get him through the last 4 weeks of the season!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I can't pack away baby clothes for some reason. It is crazy but I have the hardest time with this. For me, I am not done yet but even if I was, I don't think I could do it!

Kathy said...

Kylah thanks miss B for all her clothes that she handed down. Just last night she was pulling out some of the 6-9 months (literally, making a mess all over the floor, apparently it was a game, mommy fold nicely, kylah pull out). I'm keeping all the stuff we have as I'm not sure we're done yet.