Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Birthday Snow?

There is a slight chance that O could have snow on his birthday.  He LOVES snow and I really hope we get one decent snow storm so he & Brynnleigh can play in it.  However, I hope that this storm is more Sunday night into Monday than Saturday into Sunday.  Owen's birthday party is on Saturday (more to come on this) and we have 36 kids (yes I'm crazy) coming...we NEED to be outside!  Then on Sunday evening, we are taking Owen to the circus, and Brynnleigh gets her very own playdate with Missy & Papa!

Here are some of my favorite snow pictures of Owen from January 2010....He was getting ready to turn 3.

In awe of the snow

Checking it all out

Getting ready for a snow slide!

LOVE this picture

Snow swinging

Don't worry, it's all white snow!


Mindi said...

My little dudes birthday is on Thursday and no snow here either. We are having his party on Saturday as well..not that many kids though! Just 9 and that will be PLENTY! :) Hope you guys get some snow. We probably won't...nothing in the forecast. On the bright side if its warm enough you can always send them outside anyway.

The BOAT said...

Happy early birthday to your son. O's is on Monday,and he is so excited. As of right now, it will be 60 on Saturday....so we will be outside, where they can run around and now worry about a thing! Keeping my fingers crossed for us both!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Owen is so cute!! I hope the snow holds off till Thursday night for you:)

Annie said...

I love snow!!!

Amber said...

The photo of catching the snow on his tongue is so precious.

The BOAT said...

Thanks Melissa. Annie, I love snow too, this winter has been snowless...I'm going crazy! Thanks Amber. That picture is one of my favorites!

Trisha said...

He looks like he had a great time!

The Green House said...

Bet he'll always remember his birthday! Happy Birthday to your little kiddo!

Jordyn @ The Green House


Anonymous said...

Awww. Such fun shots. Happy Birthday!