Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Goals 2/12-2/18

Let's see how I did last week:

* Complete at least 1 workout and 1 run  - Once again I just got the run in.  I didn't push it though, my arm was in a sling and still somewhat sore.  This week doesn't look good w/O's party, but next week I'm going to get serious with my work out...promise!

* Cut & organize coupons from this week & one past week -  I didn't even look at the coupons this past week..oops
* Review coupon deals & complete good deals - Yep...didn't do this either...but I guess that's better than knowing the deals that I missed right?

* Review, crop, and order Disney Photo Pass photos - Finally something I can cross off...of course it was done at 11:59pm on Saturday, but it still counts.  (FYI - this was only done, because the pictures expired at 12:01 AM on Sunday)

* Date time w/Troy - This didn't really happen, unless you call picking up the new car by ourselves!  We are trying to get some date time in...but it looks like it will be a week or two before we get a real night out date time.  Hopefully we can get a movie in one night after the kids are in bed!

* Reschedule dinner with LP - Rescheduled and done...woo hoo.  LP, it's been too long...I had fun with you on Tuesday, and we need to do it again soon.

*Blog - Family Announcement post (Tuesday), WW, 1-2 other posts - Watch out blog world, I'm getting more frequent!

*Blog - Continue working for giveaways - I'm not going to lie, this is tough, but I'm still trying and not giving up.  I do have two new giveaways for this week to go along with Owen's Outrageous Birthday Bonanza!

*Reading - Read 3/4 of book club book - Twenty Boy Summer - I actually finished it Saturday post coming with my thoughts

And now, for this week - The Birthday Party Edition

* Spend some QT time with Troy

* Paint Owen's "Treasure Chest"

* Fill O's Goody bags

* Straighten the house for it's "deep cleaning" on Wednesday

* Figure out how to make a "Plank"

* Prepare Pirate flags for Party craft

* Buy and prepare the party food

* extra workout this week

* Cut this weeks coupons & organize

* Scope deals and hit the good ones

* Don't go crazy with all the party prep, or with the party in general! ; )

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