Monday, September 10, 2012

Owen's First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe this day has baby is starting "5 year old school" and I am not ready!  Owen on the other hand has been talking about this day for months!  Here are a few pics from our crazy morning (and me doing everything I could to keep myself busy).

For Owen's first kindergarten lunch he wanted to pack a "cheese & mandaise sandwich with no turkey, ham, or chicken", a frozen gogurt, pizza pringles, watermelon, a chocolate chip cookie, and a water bottle!

He chose to wear his Winterpock Wolves shirt that we got from Prep Sportswear and blue shorts and his blue "Chelsea" shoes (yes, his shoes have to match what he's wearing....thanks Troy for passing that down!).

O picked out his "gray" metallic dry erase board and was so excited to take pictures..

Then he realized that he needed his name on he added it!

By then, it was time to head to his bus stop

Once he got there with the other kids, we no longer existed.  Luckily we were smart enough to say our goodbyes before the bus showed up..

Owen's little girlfriend who lives across the street not only rides his bus, but they are in the same class.  They are so excited, I'm a little worried since they argue like a married couple! ; )

Then the bus came, and we were left, standing there waving to our little man, who never even looked back...

Of course as the bus pulled up and he ran on...I lost it.  I did my best to keep the camera in front of my face...but my wonderful husband stole it to get one last picture!
While Owen was at school, Brynnleigh and I ran to pick up a few balloons and custard filled munchkins for when he got home...

Then Brynnleigh and I style of course...and my little man jumped off the bus with just as much excitement as he had getting on (well maybe a bit tired, but he loved it!)

Owen, even though I cried and I missed you terribly while you were at school, I'm so glad you love it.  You will learn so much over the next year and start your journey to becoming a man.  I know you will make lots of friends and have lots of fun, just don't forget about your Momma & Daddy!!

Also O....your sister was so excited to take an early nap so she could come with me to get you off the bus!  After I told her our plans she responded "I go night night now to get Bubba off the bus, YAYYY".  Follow your heart and trust your gut and always keep can make whatever you want happen and be whatever you want to be!

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