Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brynnleigh's First Day of Preschool

Brynnleigh started her first day of preschool exactly one week after Owen.  B is going to O's old preschool which we love.  She is only going two days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) 3 hrs each day.

I attempted to get some 1st day of school pictures...but she didn't want to hold, or sit near the sign! (I should have known that this would lead into the rest of school!)

I knew she would not be as easy as O was for school at any point (O never ever cried when we took him to school, even the first day)...but I had no clue that a week later, she still would hate it!

Unfortunately I couldn't take off from work to take B on her first day (with Vacation, and all the time off getting O ready for big kid school there was no way) my Mom & Dad dropped her off.  Here's the pic I got of her when I dropped her off at Mom's

Poor thing...look at that face!
So Mom took her....and she walked in.....

Then, she lost it at "Teacher hand off" time. 

The teachers told Mom that she did fine, she did cry a bit, and was "angry" and didn't want to participate in a lot.  She did forget that she was angry and would play for a bit, then remember she was angry again.  She did enjoy being outside!

"I no wike cool Mama, I no wike it"

I know she will adjust, but I hate that she's not in love with school like Owen has been.  They are like night and day....O is up, dressed and ready to go to the bus stop 2 hours early, B will pretend to be sick (at 23 months) so she doesn't have to go!

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Tracy said...

Oh, such a sad face!